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Triple Berry and Lemon Trifle

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I can’t think of a more perfect dessert to celebrate with than a beautifully bright and decadent berry trifle. Not only is this trifle addictive with layers of pound cake, lemon pudding, berries, and homemade whip cream—it is also made from several grocery store cheats and therefore a “piece of cake” for the most prolific baker or average college dude to throw together.

What You Will Need:

-2 Pre-Made Pound Cakes from your favorite bakery

-2 16 ounce boxes Strawberries sliced

-2 6 ounce boxes Raspberries

-6 ounce box Blackberries

-1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream

-1 Tbs Vanilla Extract

-1/4 cup Confectioner Sugar

-2 small boxes Lemon Pudding mix

-4 cups Whole Milk

-4 Lemons

Begin by combining your pudding mix and milk according to the box instructions. Zest all four lemons and add the zest to the pudding mix before you begin whipping the pudding. Mix on medium speed with an electric mixer for 3-4 minutes or until pudding has thickened. The cheat here is obviously to use instant pudding mix—but all that fresh zest brightens the flavors up BIG time. Set pudding aside.

Now for cheat number two, cut your two store bought pound cakes into small cubes and set aside.

Time to make the homemade whipped cream. Of all the cheats in this recipe, I do not recommend buying store bought whipped cream. Homemade is super, super simple to make and it tastes one-thousand percent better! All you have to do is pour the pint of whipping cream and a tablespoon of vanilla into a large mixing bowl or stand mixer. Beat on medium speed 4-5 minutes or until soft peaks start to form. Add in confectioners sugar and beat for another few minutes until stiff peaks form. And your done! Now try not to eat it all while your prep the rest of the trifle...

Finally, quarter all your strawberries and pour into a bowl with the raspberries and blackberries.

Assemble your trifle beginning with the cake, then pudding, a generous layer of berries, and finally whipped cream. Repeat the layers two more times or until all the ingredients are used up. I always set a small handful of berries aside to put on top as a garnish. For best results, refrigerate for an hour or two before digging in. Have a happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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